Melton Pilates


For information on our Covid Safe compliance measures please visit Our Covid Safe Page.


  • Due to the number of cold callers and scam calls, I, like many others, no longer answer my phone to numbers I don’t know.
  • New Students: please text your Yoga/Pilates class inquiry to Caroline on 0403 822 446 and I will call you back. Thank you for your understanding.

Melton Yoga and Pilates has 2 Entrances:

  • Group Reformer and Mat Pilates Classes: Please use the 53 Unitt St entrance at the back of the studio for Pilates Reformer classes.

The Current Group Reformer and Mat Pilates Class Timetables:

  • Melton Yoga and Pilates does NOT currently offer children’s yoga or prenatal/pregnancy yoga/Pilates.
  • For information on the current Pilates Reformer timetable please text Caroline on 0403 822 446. Thank you.

    Special Events:

    Special events will be advertised in studio, on Facebook, and on this website.

    Please do search for us on Facebook using @meltonyogastudio and @meltonpilatesreformer and like our pages – we would love it if you did!

    New students:

    • For the comfort of all participants please do not come to class smelling of strong perfume/aftershave/deodorant and/or cigarette smoke. If you smoke do not smoke in the clothes you wear to class.
    • Group Reformer Classes are limited to 11-people – BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL.
    • If you are new to Group Reformer classes please arrive at your first class 15-minutes prior to class starting so I can take you through an introduction to Reformer basics, go through your registration form and discuss any concerns or special requirements with you.
    • All new students must fill out a registration form. You can fill one out at the studio or you can email and request a form.
    • If you are under 18-years-of-age you must have parental consent to attend Group Reformer.
    • If you have any questions or special needs that we can cater for, please call Caroline at Melton Yoga on 0403 822 446.

    Melton Pilates offers Mat Pilates, Pilates Reformer classes (Group Reformer Classes), Small Equipment Classes and 1-to-1 (Private) Classes.

    Mat Pilates:

    Learn the fundamentals of Pilates as taught by Joseph Pilates. These mat based classes are a gentle and effective way to lengthen and strengthen while you tone and shape your entire body.

    • Classes are suitable for the absolute beginner.
    • You must be able to get down to and back up from the floor.

    Pilates Group Reformer Classes on the Pilates Reformer

    The Pilates Reformer is a safe and effective whole body work out for all ages and levels of fitness. Reformers provide finely tuned resistance through a series of springs and ropes, heightening body awareness while providing an invigorating total body workout.

    Pilates Reformer Class Descriptions:

    • Pilates Group Reformer classes are moderately paced, challenging and fun, and offer an ever-changing workout!
    • Begin your group reformer journey in any class.
    • Start by working at your own pace with lighter spring resistance.
    • Increase your pace and spring resistance as your fitness builds!
    • Once you have learnt the basic exercises (requires a minimum of 3-months of regular attendance) you are ready for the challenge of the more complex exercises and flows!
    • Not sure what a reformer is? Have a look at this YouTube video!