MY Yoga Timetable


For information on our Covid Safe compliance measures please visit Our Covid Safe Page.


  • Due to the number of cold callers and scam calls, I, like many others, no longer answer my phone to numbers I don’t know.
  • New Students: please text your Yoga/Pilates class inquiry to Caroline on 0403 822 446 and I will call you back. Thank you for your understanding.

Melton Yoga and Pilates has 2 Entrances:

  • Yoga Classes:Please use the 7 Wallace Square entrance at the front of the studio for Yoga Classes.

The Current MY Yogasana Class Timetable:

  • Melton Yoga and Pilates does NOT currently offer children’s yoga or prenatal/pregnancy yoga/Pilates.
  • *Beginners Yoga* runs 7:40-8:40PM Mondays and 9:30-10-30AM Saturdays

    *Power Flow* runs 8-9AM Saturdays

    Bookings are ESSENTIAL please text Caroline on 0403 822 446 to book.

    Special Events:

    • Special events include Sound Soaks (Sound Bath/Sound Meditation/Sound Healing); Moon Yoga, and Chakra Dhyana Meditation.
    • Find out more here.
    • Special Events are advertised in studio and on Facebook. If you do not have a Facebook account please text Caroline on 0403 822 446 and I will add you to my “to be texted” list.
    • Please do search for us on Facebook using @meltonyogastudio and @meltonpilatesreformer and like our pages – we would love it if you did!

    New students:

    • For the comfort of all participants please do not come to class smelling of strong perfume/aftershave/deodorant and/or cigarette smoke. If you smoke do not smoke in the clothes you wear to class.
    • Experienced Yoga Practitioners who wish to attend Power Flow and are new to Melton Yoga please call Caroline on 0403 822 446 prior to coming to class.
    • Students who are new to Yoga who wish to attend Power Flow classes must complete a minimum of 3-months of Yoga Pose by Pose and 3-months of Learn to Power Flow classes.
    • Existing MY Students are welcome to attend Beginner level Yoga classes too!
    • Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga classes are open to all levels of experience – so if you are new to yoga you are welcome to attend these classes!
    • All new students must fill out a registration form. You can fill one out at the studio or you can email and request a form.
    • If you are under 18 you must have parental consent to attend Yoga.
    • Please come to your first class 15-minutes early to enable the teacher to go through your form and discuss any concerns or special requirements with you.
    • If you have any questions or special needs that we can cater for, please call Caroline at Melton Yoga on 0403 822 446.

    If you would like to make an appointment to come in and look around Melton Yoga and meet the teacher before deciding to attend a class please call the studio and we will do our best to accommodate you.

    Not sure what to expect? Visit the MY FAQ page for general studio information and etiquette.

    MY Yogasana Class Descriptions:

    Melton Yoga offers a full range of adult yoga classes. Come and discover the many and varied physical, mental, and emotional benefits of Yoga!

    MY Yogasana Class Descriptions:

      • Yoga Pose by Pose classes are designed for students who have never done yoga before. These classes are a gentle pose by pose exploration of Yoga asana (postures or poses). Completion of a minimum of 10-Yoga Pose by Pose classes is a pre-requisite for entry into Learn to Power Flow. Bookings are essential.
      • Learn to Power Flow classes are designed for students who have completed at least 3-months of Yoga Pose by Pose classes (10-12 classes). These classes will begin to condition your cardiovascular fitness as you explore how to link poses with your breath. They are aimed to build internal heat gently, through controlled, mindful flowing, linking breath to movement. Learn to Power Flow classes are suitable for beginners, however, it is recommended that you have some previous asana experience. Bookings are essential.
      • Power Flow is a dynamic, flowing, breath-centered practice, modelled on the Ashtanga method. Power Flow is a general term used in the West to describe a vigorous, fitness-based approach to Yoga asana. Unlike Ashtanga however, Power Flow does not follow a set series of poses, allowing classes to be adapted to the western student starting Yoga asana later in life. With its emphasis on muscular strength and dynamic flexibility, Power Flow increases cardiovascular activity and fat burning, while increasing bone density, agility and mental resilience. Classes begin with a hip mobility and lower back release sequence, move into a stronger, dynamic, flowing sequence and finish with a slower, deeper, hip release and seated meditation.
      • Yin Yoga is temporarily OFF the Timetable – back soon :) : IDEAL for BEGINNERS. Yin Yoga is quiet yoga, a meditative practice that teaches us to relax and accept ourselves just as we are. In contrast to Yang styles of yoga (so Power Vinyasa), which focus primarily on movement, Yin’s focus is deep mental and physical stillness. Practiced on the floor, Yin yoga is a series of supported postures that are held for between 2 and 5-minutes each. This intense stillness allows muscles to relax, applying a gentle, steady, continuous traction to our connective tissues, the health of which is critical to our physical well-being and range of motion. At the subtle level, Yin Yoga restores balance to both our meridians and chakras. While Yin Yoga is suitable for all experience levels, from those completely new to yoga, to those with an established practice, it might not be suitable for those diagnosed with hypermobility syndrome.