Melton Yoga Studio

Melbourne Cup Day Long Weekend:

  • Monday 31st October – Group Reformer 7:15PM and 8:30PM will run as scheduled.
  • Monday 31st October – The 6PM Group Reformer class and Beginners Yoga with Kim will NOT run.
  • Tuesday 1st November – Melton Yoga will be CLOSED.

Welcome to 2016 at Melton Yoga!

Melton Yoga (MY) teaches a heart-oriented, spiritually inspiring style of contemporary Hatha Yoga, grounded in a deep knowledge of anatomy and optimal body alignment. Students are encouraged to listen to their body, respect its wisdom, and to progress at their own pace.

Every Yogasana class, a Yoga exercise class during which Yoga postures or poses are practiced, includes breath awareness, relaxation and meditation. The intention of MY teachers is to assist students in the development of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being in a non-competitive and encouraging atmosphere.

Yoga and Group Reformer Classes

  • Melton Yoga offers adult Yogasana classes (Yoga Posture classes). However, well behaved children aged 12-years and above can attend adult yoga, with a parent or guardian, at a total cost of $25/class for adult ($15) and child ($10).
  • Melton Yoga runs Yoga 101, Beginners, General, Yin and Prenatal Yoga classes, Guided Meditations and Mindfulness Meditations.
  • We also run Yoga Wall and Group Reformer classes.
  • You can view the current Yogasana Class timetable here.
  • You can view the current Prenatal Yoga timetable here.
  • You can view the current Group Reformer and Yoga Wall timetable here.
  • You can view the current Mindfulness Meditation timetable here.
  • Purchase a 10-Class Pass or 3-Month Unlimited Class Pass and save! Find out more here.

Beginners Yogasana Classes

  • Check this page for more information. Read a great article here.

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Enquiries: Please call Caroline on 0403 822 446.