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Welcome to 2021 at Melton Yoga and Pilates!


  • Due to the number of cold callers and scam calls, I, like many others, no longer answer my phone to numbers I don’t know.
  • New Students: please text your Yoga/Pilates class inquiry to Caroline on 0403 822 446 and I will call you back. Thank you for your understanding.

COVID Safety Compliance – Please Read

We would like to thank you for your understanding and patience with all aspects of COVID safety compliance. As a small business that was closed for most of 2020 and 2021 we appreciate every effort made by our students and clients to help keep us all safe and open for the remainder of 2021.

To assist us in remaining COVID Safe compliant:

  • Please maintain 1.5m between you and any other person including your teacher/instructor, both outside the studio entrances, and inside the studio. Both entrances have red crosses indicating 1.5m spacing in areas where you might queue or stand with others.
  • Please bring a mask with you to every class – you might not need it – your teacher/instructor will let you know.
  • Please login using our QR code every time you come to class or register you name and mobile number with your teacher/instructor on entry.
  • Please place your personal possessions in a pigeonhole before sanitizing your hands.
  • Please sanitize your hands before entering the Yoga/Pilates room.

During Class:

  • Alcohol based hand sanitizer is available for your use throughout class in the Yoga/Pilates room.
  • If you need to use the wall please place your hand on the laminated “put your hand here” sign which is cleaned between classes.

When using the bathroom:

  • Please close the lid of the toilet before flushing.
  • After washing, please dry your hands with the single use hand towels and place used towels in the laundry bucket to the right of the sink.
  • An alcohol based hand sanitizer is available in the bathroom for your use.

At the end of class:

  • Place any used items in the tub indicated by your teacher/instructor.
  • Please sanitize your hands before leaving the Yoga/Pilates room.
  • Please maintain 1.5m between yourself and others as you leave.

We will always do our absolute best to keep you notified of any changes to requirements as far in advance of your class as we can. However, COVID safety compliance requirements are subject to change at short notice – your teacher/instructor will advise you on entry of any changes that you are required to adhere to. Please listen and make the choice that is right for you (stay/go). But please do not abuse the teacher/instructor. Abuse will NOT be tolerated, and it won’t change anything in that moment.

For more information on our Covid Safe compliance measures please visit Our Covid Safe Page.

Yoga Classes

Melton Yoga teaches a heart-oriented, spiritually inspiring style of contemporary Hatha Yoga, grounded in a deep knowledge of anatomy and optimal body alignment. Students are encouraged to listen to their body, respect its wisdom, and to progress at their own pace.

Every Yogasana class, a Yoga exercise class during which Yoga postures or poses are practiced, includes breath awareness, relaxation and meditation. The intention of Melton Yoga teachers is to assist students in the development of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being in a non-competitive and encouraging atmosphere.

  • Melton Yoga offers adult Yogasana classes (Yoga Posture classes). However, well behaved children aged 12-years and above can attend adult yoga, with a parent or guardian.
  • Melton Yoga runs Yoga Pose by Pose (Level 1 Beginners Yoga), Learn to Power Flow (Level 2 Beginners Yoga), Power Flow, Yin Yoga, Moon Yoga and Chakra Dyhana meditations.
  • We also offer special events, workshops and courses.
  • We do NOT currently offer children’s or prenatal yoga
  • You can view the current Yogasana Class timetable here.
  • You can view the current Meditation timetable here.

Beginners Yogasana Classes

  • Check this page for more information. Read a great article here.

Pilates Classes

  • Melton Pilates offers Pilates Reformer classes, Reformer Yogasana classes and Jump Board classes.
  • You can view the current Pilates Group Reformer timetable here.
  • Melton Pilates does NOT currently offer children’s or prenatal Pilates.


Please text your email address to Caroline on 0403 822 446 to request a registration form and to book your space.

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Enquiries: Please call Caroline on 0403 822 446.