MY Teachers

Caroline Calnan

Co-director, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Pilates and Clinical Pilates Instructor

I am a Yoga Australia Level 2 Registered Yoga Teacher, and hold an 1300 hour Advanced Diploma in Yoga Teaching. I am also a certified Kid’s Yoga Teacher, a certified Silver Age Yoga Teacher.

I am a government accredited Pilates Instructor, holding both a certificate 4 in mat and reformer, and a diploma in Clinical Pilates. I am also Stott trained in Pilates Group Reformer and Injuries and Special Populations.

I have a left sided sacralisation and experienced lower back pain and a reduction in the range of movement and flexibility in my left hip and lumbar spine from a young age. Already a regular meditator I discovered Yogasana at age-14, and began practicing yogasana and Pilates regularly in my 20s. My daily yogasana practice has strengthened my lower back, maintained my flexibility and kept me relatively pain free. As a medical scientist I gained a deep and comprehensive understanding of human anatomy and physiology, and musculoskeletal pathologies and their associated pain mechanisms. I went on to study Remedial Massage at Victoria University before studying to become a Yoga Teacher through CAE in Melbourne. My Yoga teaching style is inspired by Baron Baptiste and informed by Simon Borg-Olivier and Ray Long MD. My Pilates teaching is firmly grounded in Joseph Pilates original Contrology methodology.

I have practiced complete-Yoga (asana, pranayama, and meditation) for more than 40-years and I am a graduate of the Silva Method™ (1992) and Transcendental Meditation® (1993).

“Yoga is my life – the very breath I breathe”

  • Caroline’s Adult Yoga qualifications include: Silver Age Yoga Teacher certification through SAYCO (2009); Adv. Dip. Y.T. (1300 hours) through CAE  and the Academy of Yoga Learning (2010).
  • Caroline’s Children’s Yoga qualifications include: Foundation and Advanced Certificates in Kid’s Yoga Teaching through Zenergy Yoga (2011).
  • Caroline’s Pilates qualifications include: Stott Essential, Intermediate, and Advanced Group Reformer training (2012); Stott Injuries and Special Populations training (2012); Certificate IV Pilates Instructor (2020); Clinical Pilates Instructor (2020).
  • Caroline’s other qualifications include: BSc. (Hons., 1989), MSc. (Medical Science, 1991), Dip. R.M.(2007)

Jon Calnan

Co-Director, Yoga and Meditation Teacher

I am a Yoga Australia Level 1 Yoga Teacher and meditator of 25-years and hold the Yoga Alliance International Holistic Meditation® Teacher Diploma (2015). I am a graduate of Transcendental Meditation® (1993) and the Silva Method™ (2003); and an Akido practitioner of more than 20-years. My interest in yogasana was sparked when Caroline began her Yoga Teacher training. My curiosity translated into a regular yogasana practice following gains in strength, flexibility and coordination that have greatly enhanced my Aikido practice.

I completed my Yoga teacher training following the traditional path of a 6-year apprenticeship at Melton Yoga within the Yoga Australia teacher training framework.

In 2020 I completed Jennifer Crescenzo’s (Muse in Motion) 60 hour Yin Yoga Teacher training certification (30 hours of Yin fundamentals and 30 hours of Yin sequencing).

I feel Yoga offers another path to continued self-development and for me personally development as a Yoga teacher.