MY Teachers

Caroline Calnan

Co-director, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, and Pilates Instructor

I am a Yoga Australia Level 2 Registered Yoga Teacher, and hold an Advanced Diploma in Yoga Teaching. I am also a certified Kid’s Yoga Teacher, a certified Silver Age Yoga Teacher, and a Stott trained Pilates Reformer Instructor with Injuries and Special Populations training.

I have a left sided sacralisation and experienced lower back pain and a reduction in the range of movement and flexibility in my left hip and lumbar spine from a young age. Already a regular meditator I discovered Yogasana at age-14, and began practicing yogasana and Pilates regularly in my 20s. My daily yogasana practice has strengthened my lower back, maintained my flexibility and kept me relatively pain free. As a medical scientist I gained a deep and comprehensive understanding of human anatomy and physiology, and musculoskeletal pathologies and their associated pain mechanisms. I went on to study Remedial Massage at Victoria University before studying to become a Yoga Teacher through CAE in Melbourne. My teaching style is inspired by Baron Baptiste and informed by Simon Borg-Olivier and Ray Long MD.

I have practised complete-Yoga (asana, pranayama, and meditation) for more than 40-years and I am a graduate of the Silva Method™ (1992) and Transcendental Meditation® (1993).

“Yoga is my life – the very breath I breathe”

  • Caroline’s Adult Yoga qualifications include: Silver Age Yoga Teacher certification through SAYCO (2009); Adv. Dip. Y.T. through CAE and the Academy of Yoga Learning (2010).
  • Caroline’s Children’s Yoga qualifications include: Foundation and Advanced Certificates in Kid’s Yoga Teaching through Zenergy Yoga (2011).
  • Caroline’s Pilates qualifications include: Stott Essential, Intermediate, and Advanced Group Reformer training (2012); Stott Injuries and Special Populations training (2012); Certificate IV Pilates Instructor (2020); Clinical Pilates Instructor (2020).
  • Caroline’s other qualifications include: BSc. (Hons., 1989), MSc. (Medical Science, 1991), Dip. R.M.(2007)

Jon Calnan

Co-Director, Yoga and Meditation Teacher

I am a Yoga Australia Level 1 Yoga Teacher and meditator of 25-years and hold the Yoga Alliance International Holistic Meditation® Teacher Diploma (2015). I am a graduate of Transcendental Meditation® (1993) and the Silva Method™ (2003); and an Akido practitioner of more than 20-years. My interest in yogasana was sparked when Caroline began her Yoga Teacher training. My curiosity translated into a regular yogasana practice following gains in strength, flexibility and coordination that have greatly enhanced my Aikido practice.

I completed my Yoga teacher training following the traditional path of a 6-year apprenticeship at Melton Yoga within the Yoga Australia teacher training framework.

In 2020 I completed Jennifer Crescenzo’s (Muse in Motion) 60 hour Yin Yoga Teacher training certification (30 hours of Yin fundamentals and 30 hours of Yin sequencing).

I feel Yoga offers another path to continued self-development and for me personally development as a Yoga teacher.

Rene Morelli

Rene is currently living in the UK – but we are hopeful that she will return to teach with us one day :)

Mat Pilates Teacher

I began my career in the industry of Health and Well-being as a Remedial Massage Therapist. After 3 years, I furthered my studies and began teaching Pilates.

I possess a deep understanding of the human body’s structure, functions and capabilities and am continuously seeking new ways to improve. I am constantly amazed by how the body can move and change through the use of the Pilates method.

I am passionate about teaching and take great pride in guiding my clients as they progress through their practice of Pilates.

My teachings focus on mobility, together with a strong emphasis on controlled breathing. My lessons are well balanced and my clients are given tremendous support in order for them to consistently achieve their fitness goals.

Krystina Bradford

Guided Meditation Facilitator and Restorative Yoga Teacher

I have been a primary school teacher for the past 18 years. There were times on my career path that I became quite overwhelmed with my workload. I had discovered lots of research that suggested meditation could help stress and began to participate. Upon discovering the decrease in stress, I began to teach it to my students. It became one of their favourite times of the day – stopping, listening to their inner voice and finding a sense of peace.

I, myself, have experienced the profound results of meditation. Throughout my adult life, I have been able to tune in to myself and trust my intuition to find answers to questions in life. I can calm the physical anxieties that may arise under stressful situations and I have learnt to open and close chakras (energy centres) to experience more joy and feeling in my life. I was also able to use meditation techniques combined with yoga practices throughout my pregnancy and during childbirth, to experience a very positive birth story.

Since becoming a mum, I became even more passionate about meditation and I began to run meditation classes for my family and friends. This eventually led me to guiding classes at Melton Yoga. My drive for meditation is to provide an environment which may allow you to tap into the depths of who you are, tuning in to your innate wisdom, freeing yourself from the mind and to provide healing within.